Monday, July 25, 2011

Beadboard Backsplash-Country/Prim Kitchen

I found the perfect backsplash, country/prim and also easy cleanup.  Beadboard.  I purshased this at Lowe's for $9.98 a sheet and I think the four will do the job. The sheets measures 4x3 feet, I may need one more.  Going to put this up myself, so wish me luck on that.  Planning to do a template out of paper, then transfer to the board to cut out.  I figured this would be the easiest  way after noting all the little cuts I would have to make around the window sill. I cleaned off the counters and sanded the laminate.  I will use construction glue and nails to hold up.

The lines of the panels will be running up and down when installed and I am planning on painting a dark ivory and rubbing on stain (colonial pine) by minwax and then wiping off.

I really can't wait to get this done, I think this will  look good with my country and primitive design for the kitchen.   Next will be the cabinet doors, I need 7 cut maybe 9.  I am thinking of repainting with papriki paint from Caromal Colors.  I have ordered samples for the cabinets, first " putty"  color will be put on and then the papriki will go on top.  If you go the Caromal colors website, (just google) they have listed all the paints and inspiration pictures.  I love the papriki cabinets and peppercorn countertops.

Was not able to work on my crafts this weekend, so just worked a little on the kitchen and rested.  This coming weekend I do not have to work, so I will put up the backsplash and work on my rag quilts.  I can get these sewed up in no time since all the squares are cut and sewn ,  Have a great week,   Lynn

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