Monday, August 18, 2014

Selling on ebay and etsy- Handmade Roses in bulk

Well it has been awhile since I have posted, I have been so busy with filling orders for the Handmade Burlap Roses that I am making.  I actually took off Sunday so I could get the craft room back organized, Goodness, doesn't take much for it to look like a tornado has gone thru. lol

I have also rented a booth at Ole Country Crow, went Saturday and decorated, so tired I forgot to take pictures.  I will take pic's and share with you on the next post.

I am selling on eBay, if you care to look---lynnb1002-- I was so surprised how fast this business took off on eBay.   Highly recommend if you are struggling on Etsy.  I do have the roses listed on etsy, but, just can't seem to sell there.  There is a lot of competition, but I will keep the roses listed for awhile longer.

Here are a few of the different colors that I am offering, 

There are other colors like orange, jade, pink, brown, red, white,
I have been canning some this summer, my best friend Faye does it in huge amounts and I decided it was time I learned.  I have really enjoyed making jams, putting up English peas, and even  made sauce this weekend from fresh tomatoes she gave me.
Hope everyone is doing great, I will be visiting all the friend blogs, I miss talking to you all.

Friday, April 11, 2014


In January I decided to sell my house!  I had been thinking on this for about a year, and finally did it. First couple that looked at the house made me a full price offer!  Great Huh?  Well that meant I had to do a few repairs, clean from top to bottom after movers took everything to storage, find a place to live---in 30 days!   Just a snap right????

Well of course I did it, closed on the house February 28th, and moved in an awesome apartment March 14th.  So I am still trying to make sense of it all!!!  I had thought I would buy a Condo, so signed a 6 month lease on the apartment with every intention of not unpacking and looking for my Dream Condo.  Turns out, I love the apartment, hey, no repairs to worry about, something breaks, call the Apartment manager.  I also have a privacy fenced area downstairs that I can garden, BBQ and fix up as I want. 
My little piece of the world

View from kitchen door

Sunday my Son is going with me to Lowe's (with the truck) an I am adding pavers to half the "yard"
for my outdoor furniture.  I am so excited to get my little piece of the world decorated.  I have so many ideas, like hanging bird houses and metal decorations on the fence.  Getting together the items for a fairy garden for my grandson to plan and decorate.  Now that I don't have to spend hours mowing a huge backyard, I can do what I really love to do---cook and decorate!

Now for the craft room, 

And more boxes

and even more boxes
I know, Right,  and it is not much better today.  But this weekend I will be going IN!!! LOL
I have had to give away so many storage bins and material because I have nowhere to put it. 
However, this is really going to be an awesome place when I get through with it.  I will post
pictures as I get my world back in order.
Have a great weekend!!!!!  Lynn

Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

Hey Friends,  Well this will be a very short post.  Things have really been busy for me, I am been selling burlap roses, and all my time seems to be working on them.  I sold my house and going to try and find one further out in the country!  I want chickens and such!  When I moved to my current home I was in the country, but I-49 is going through about 1/2 mile from me, so not so much country anymore!

Here are a few pics of my roses, Enjoy!  Be back soon!

I also have made a few quilts, I will show those in another post.  But the biggest news of all I have a new Beautiful granddaughter!

Meet Riley Grace, she was born November 15th, she is a beautiful sweet baby girl!!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Craft shows in November!

I know 2 post in a month, I am doing better!  I thought I would have 2 craft shows scheduled for November, so far only 1.  Makers Fair filled up in less than 24 hours!  This is a local show, and my best friend Faye, did really well at it last year.

This is some crafts I will have this year that is different from last year.

I just love the way this burlap wreath turned out, and I made the felt flowers! I am doing the crosses in Shabby Chic, with the stones in this pic, and some LSU!.

I have added a table in my craft room for the cards I have started making, and I just love being able to work on them and just leave without having to clean up.

Still trying to get this room organized, There is never enough storage!  I now have 3 tables in this room, the other one is a sewing table and then the painting table which is so full, I have to move stuff to paint.  I am going to try and organize that this week!

I did get the living room rearranged which I love, trying to get ready for Christmas, shows, and just making my life easier by finding a home for everything I own.  Between work, and work and Hagen's baseball games, there is never enough time.    Do you find you have this same problem or is just my time skills?

Hugs, Lynn

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hi Friends,

I know, its been how long since I posted?  There has been so much going on since my last post.  I am still doing the craft shows, I have two shows coming up in November, and believe it or not I am working on quilts, painting and hang tags.  I starting just messing around with them, and I really enjoy this craft, so I have created quite a few.  Now, we shall see if they sell!

Here is a burlap wreath that I made, I actually sold one on ETSY, so I am really excited about that.
I used these in my Son's wedding reception and they really turned out well.  I used a hurricane lamp in the center with a candle.  So rustic and pretty.

I made the flowers out of felt, so easy, and turned out really cute.  Yes, my son got married to a wonderful woman in June, it was a rustic/burlap wedding.  Drew's Mom, Shelly did the designing and she did an awesome. job.  The wedding was held at an old Cotton Gin, turned into wedding site, other than the heat, it was beautiful.

I have completed 5 baby quilts, and some signs which I don't have pic's of yet, I will try and post them in the next couple of days.  I have missed visiting with all my blog friends.  Hope all are well, and I will look forward to visiting all of your blogs,

Until the next time,  Hugs, Lynn


Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hello to all my friends,   well I have a show in Natchitoches, La. on May 25, am I ready?  No I am not.  Boy this year has been hectic, and I have not done what I needed to with my business or my blog.  I am currently working on quilts that I hope to get done by the show.  Paint will be flying and sewing machine humming for the next two weeks.  Seems I work better under pressure.

This is a picture I added to my Safari bathroom!  A lot bigger than I thought when I got it home.  So I just propped it up on a shelf and it looks great.  ( this is in the store picture).  This how big when I got it home. So I moved it to the shelf.

 As you probably know I redecorated my bedroom in Victorian Shabby Chic this is still a work in progress.  I added the sheers to the sides of my dark curtains. And added this floral painting.  I think I painted it 3 times before finding a color I liked.  It seems my decorating mo jo left while I redone the "bones" of the house.

Hope all have a good week.    Hugs, Lynn


Friday, April 12, 2013

Announcing Giveaway at The Stitching Coop

Hello my Friends,   This is a short post to let you know about the Awesome Give A Away at The Stitching Coop.    You can access her blog at  She is giving away a beautiful rag quilt.  So Check it out and enter the giveaway.  the drawing will be on April 20th!  Good Luck!  Hugs, Lynn

Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello to all my friends!  Yes, I know I've been absent for way too long.  I always have good intentions, but life just seems to get in the way.  Finally got the new floor down in the kitchen, and don't really like it.  Have you ever looked at a sample in the store, loved it and then when the whole floor is down it looks nothing like the sample?  Well this floor has too much white for my taste, but, I am going to make myself love it!  I just want my house back together!  So it is, what it is!

I am ashamed to say, I have really been slacking!  I have a show the 27th of April and I am no where near ready.  So the sewing machine will be humming, and paint will be flying for the next 3 to so weeks.  I am making rag bags, and they are really so cute.  (Nope no pics will post when I get the first one done.)

I redid the main bathroom in Safari, I seem to be all over the place with decorating!  I did this room before I fell in love with Victorian Shabby Chic that I did my bedroom in. I have always wanted a girly lacy room, and I just love the way it turned out.  If only  I have decided that I will keep the Country in the rest of the house.  Hugs, Lynn

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Floors and Re-decorating Again!!

Hey guys, I feel like I fell off the wagon!  But hopefully, I can now live up to my commitment to post at least 2-3 times a week.  I so admire a lot of my blogger friends that post so faithfully and have so many  great ideas! 

A whole lot has happened since I wrote, ( my gosh) January! As a lot of you know I have been remodeling my house for the last 2-3  years, and I finally got thu an was enjoying buying new furniture (piece by piece) I might add and redecorating.  Well, the washing machine broke,  YEP!, you got it, Kitchen, dinning room and utility room under water!  Well, after a good cry and screaming just a little, I got out the broom and started on sweeping the water to the patio.  Did not work of course and Servepro was at my house that evening putting those loud fans and a de-humidifier in the kitchen.  After 3 days of this I was ready to just move out.  So once again the floors are tore up the furniture is piled in the living room and the dang washer is on the patio!!  Need I say more?
Yep, that is my foot playing in the water!

Lordy Lordy!
So yesterday I picked out the new floor and hopefully this will get installed in about 2 weeks.  Of course the floor I picked out had to be ordered.  LOL!  Figures Huh?  I will post pics of the new floor when I finally get it.

I promised to show you pictures of the material I got for a new quilt I am working on:

This is going to be a queen rag quilt, the material is Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry, I purchase 31 yards of Moda muslin that will be used on the back of my quilts. I can't wait to get thur with this one, I think will be so pretty.  

I want to show you pic's of my bedroom that I redecorated, as most of you know I love country, so you might be surprised that I decorated my room in Victorian Shabby Chic, Who Knew?  I fell in love with this style, so here it is--I am not thru with this room, still need to change some stuff out, add cream lace and roses to the gold material over the bed, but I think you will be able to see the direction I am headed.  My great friend Robin is helping me with this, her whole house is Victorian and she is a Pro.!! 

So what do you think?  It really  is not as dark as it look in the pic's.  But rugs and something with the curtains will be changed.  This change was started and pretty much finished during the time servepro had those loud blowers in my house.  I wanted a girly, frilly, lacy place to go, and I think Robin gave me that.  I just luv this room.  She thinks she is almost thru, (but I have a surprise for her) I think I will also do the hall in Victorian Shabby Chic.
I have schedule shows already for this year, I am doing a new one called The Maker's Fair and it is actually here in Shreveport-won't have to travel for this one and that makes it nice.  However, that means that I have to really start getting out some inventory.  Had really good shows in the Fall and I am very low on inventory.  Nothing like last minute to make you really kick it in gear!
Have a great rest of the week and have an awesome Weekend--Hugs, Lynn

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yep the crafting juices are slowing coming back!  I worked so hard up until Christmas I thought I was done with all my sewing and painting,  thought I would never sew or pick up a paint brush ever again!  Well, you know that's not going to happen.

So I have ordered fabric by Moda and Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry and I love the colors. Beautiful berry colors and green.   I have been trying to get the craft room in some kind of order, my goodness what a mess this was.  Still haven't really gotten everything organized.  I need more storage, and more storage!  I wonder where did all this stuff come from, found items I forgot I had purchased.  Now that is bad, bad, bad don't you think?


I just had to put this pic in, It has rained here for days, and the dogs keep tracking in the mud!  I was looking at some of the pics and saw this.  Oh how nice this would be to be on my patio instead of the mess of mud that is there now.  Is it raining where you are?  I love the rain but goodness,  days and days get a little old!

So I wondering what projects do you have going, and are you back in the swing of things yet?  I will take pictures when the material comes in, can't wait to show you.  Have a great day, and keep creating!  Hugs, Lynn